Sunday, January 26, 2014

CD Review: Baraka's 'Tribute To Nargis'

Tribute To Nargis
Sketis Music

Baraka is an ethno-jazz group spearheaded by band leader and arranger, Dmitry Evsikov and his daughter, Devika. Tribute To Nargis explores Central Asian music traditions of the late-Pamir singer, Nargis Bandishoeva, who hailed from Tajikistan. Devika brings the folk songs and ballads to life with smooth vocals and stellar instrumental backing that is very relaxing, jazzy, and lounge-ready. There are a few hit songs from fellow Tajiki singer and composer, Oleg Fesov. Notably, "Lalaik", "Dar In Shab Mastun," and "Khudat Medoni." The rippling keyboards, bubbly bass, fluid song lines, and light percussion with some seasoned rock elements round out the album. Anyone with an even passive interest in the traditional music of Central Asia will appreciate Baraka. Celebrate Nargis' life whenever you play this album. ~ Matthew Forss

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