Friday, January 10, 2014

CD Review: John Adorney's 'The Wonder Well'

John Adorney feat. Daya
The Wonder Well

The California-based acoustic and new age musician, John Adorney, brings together European soundscapes the are aurally-satisfying and very groovy. The electronic presence combines Enya with Ronan Hardiman. Mostly instrumental, The Wonder Well contains verses of delicate, engaging, and unforgettable beats, piano melodies, and sparkling atmospherics. Whether it is new age, electronic, instrumental, acoustic, neo-classical, or alternative pop, John Adorney knows how to create magical pieces of music delight. Daya's vocals on a few tracks only accentuate the instrumental capabilities of the music. The angelic washes, meditative rhythms, and awe-inspiring tunes are very well executed throughout. It seems every song is catchy and graceful with a moving delivery and a fanciful interplay between instruments that never gets old. Fans of Enya, Ronan Hardiman, and Vangelis will like its new age appeal and old world charm. ~ Matthew Forss


Unknown said...

One of John Adorney's gifts is his ability to set a vibrant bass sequence that entices and comforts the listener, while lacing beautifully orchestrated layers above.
Whether with vocals or instrumentals, the combinations and intricacies of these top notes, transports the listener in a direction that leaves them feeling a sense of freedom and wonder, hence aptly named, “The Wonder Well”.
The strength of his classical background is let loose in this New Age genre, which is grounding, yet invokes a sense of momentum.
Add to this, the depth of feeling, and sheer richness, of the unadulterated quality and tone of Daya, and you have created a timeless artwork.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Marcia! We could not agree more - The EverSound team