Sunday, January 26, 2014

CD Review: The Brazilian Johnsons' 'Howdy Duty'

The Brazilian Johnsons
Howdy Duty

The alternative rock/pop stylings of New York-based, The Brazilian Johnsons, draw upon mixed influences stemming from old school rock, 70's psychedelica, and roots-infused blues. The band is comprised of lead singer and guitarist, Michel Nasrallah, bassist and vocalist, Apoena Frota, drummer, Bruno Esrubilsky, pianist, keyboardist, organist, and vocalist, Joao Nogueira, and additional guitar and vocal accompaniment by Andre Vasconcelos. The opener, "S.O.S", is a gritty, bluesy, and rock-infused anthem with piping hot piano lines, grungy guitars, and college rock sensibilities. "Stranger In A Strange Place" contains a bit of smooth bass, sparkling keyboard arrangements, and radio-esque vocals with some rock vocals and roots-inflected moments. The quieter moments are akin to a bluesy, ballad-esque form of Stroke 9. "Need A Miracle" contains vocals akin to Stroke 9, but the instrumental arrangements are more reflective of bluesy 70's rock. The reverberating B3 sounds resemble a little Wallflowers action. The laid-back, folk-rock tune, "We'll Never Know", is a pop ballad with great lyrics and great vocals. As a whole, The Brazilian Johnsons excel with every note and tune. Think of balladeer Stroke 9 combined with the rock-infused concoctions of Every Damn Day amidst a light psychedelic influence of Zero 7. ~ Matthew Forss

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