Sunday, January 26, 2014

CD Review: Nakany Kante's 'Saramaya'

Nakany Kante
Slow Walk Music

Hailing from the border of Guinea and Mali, in a town called Siguiri, Nakany Kante brings together a mix of Wassoulou, soukous, m'balax, reggae, and afro-pop. The result is a twelve-track release with upbeat percussion, lush vocals, and rippling guitars. Nakany is joined by other musicians on dundun, congas, kora, djeli n'goni, bass, electric guitar, balafon, and other instruments. The rich textural layers are poignant and unforgettable. Nakany's voice meanders along with a youthful exuberance and a melodic overtone. I wish I could pick a favorite track from this album, but all the tracks are favorites. Anyone with an interest or obsession with West African popular music will find Nakany Kante's latest work very enthralling. Highly recommended. ~ Matthew Forss

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