Friday, January 24, 2014

CD Review: Shanren's 'Left Foot Dance Of The Yi'

Left Foot Dance Of The Yi
Riverboat Records

Hailing from Yunnan, China, Shanren are a folk-rock group that mixes traditional instruments with very catchy and enthralling melodies and rhythms throughout the entire album. Each track reveals something new and exciting. For example, "Yi Wa," contains a very catchy flute melody, while "The Crab" possesses a light, reggae backbeat. "La Suo Mi" is a triumphant marching-type song and melody. "Bi Li Tong" is a happy song with great lutes, drums, and Chinese musical effects. "Happy New Year" is a poignant tune with a little rock effects and traditional instruments. The opening track is mostly ambient voices as an introduction, rather than a full-fledged song. Still, Shanren is going to be the top new group in my player for the rest of the year. Enjoy Left Foot Dance Of The Yi today! ~ Matthew Forss

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