Sunday, January 26, 2014

CD Review: Offiong Bassey's Nigerian/American Self-Titled Release

Offiong Bassey
Offiong Bassey
Moonlit Media Group

Nigerian-American, Offiong Bassey, presents us with a soulful, R&B, jazz, and funk-imbued compilation of heady, rhythm-driven songs on her self-titled release. The soft vocals are matched by the effervescent electronica, jazzy percussion, and Afro-Cuban connections throughout. The soulful melodies and lyrical displays are enriched by her native Efik and Nigerian Pidgin English vocals amidst a background of traditional Ekombi dance styles. The soulful and percussion-heavy, "Legitimate Child," awakens the spirit with a vibrant, yet smooth bass line and swishy percussion sounds. "Edidem" is a scintillating melody with traditional instrumentation and vocal styles all held together by a little acoustic guitar and a few additional instruments. "Mistaking Chivalry For Chauvinism" is an uppity tune with some poetic vocals and punchy keyboard sounds in a tame sort of urban composition that is not quite rap or hip hop. Offiong knows how to combine jazz, R&B, funk, psych, and African rhythms for an enjoyable listening experience. ~ Matthew Forss

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