Friday, January 31, 2014

CD Review: Mental Monky Ballet's 'Breaking The Law'

Mental Monky Ballet
Breaking The Law
Applehead Records

Swedish alt-rock group, Mental Monky Ballet, bridges the vocal and instrumental gap between Blondie and Garbage--and they do it with success all around. "Into The Open" is a swishy, rock-infused medley with reverberating guitars and vibrant female vocals. "Club 27" is a lush, alt-dance tune with classic vocals and a power pop presence that contains a little edge and a setup akin to something by The Killers. "Get Around This" begins with a spacious, atmospheric and progressive intro with delicate vocals and gingerly-played guitars, until the chorus brings in other vocals and a more textured pop sound. "You're More Trouble Than You're Worth" opens with an alternative and progressive rock arrangement that harbors Garbage and Blondie tendencies, but everything comes out okay. The new seven-track EP, Breaking The Law, is a sure hit for fans of the abovementioned musicians and Swedish alt-pop music with English vocals. ~ Matthew Forss

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ViVi said...

Thank you Matthiew Forss, for your great review! We are proud to represent our style of music in your vast and impressive coverage of the music of the World. We love the web magazine. / Mental Monky Ballet