Monday, January 27, 2014

CD Review: diNMachine's 'Dance To Reason'

Dance To Reason

The electronic trip-hop concoctions of New York's diNMachine are industrial, innovative, instrumental, and ingenious. The gritty sounds are edgy and punchy with some degree of jazz and new age elements. The experimental and avant-garde sounds are mostly instrumental with a few voices added for greater musical affect. The frenzied sounds of "Lpse" are upbeat and experimental. There are elements of chiptune or videogame-type musical backing that is very electronic and trippy. The blurby sounds of "Fifth Bass" incorporate a bit of swishy percussion and cascading, electronic melodies that soar into a unique echelon of aural existence. In fact, the entire album excels with performance, composition, and creativity. Think of Lamb, Action Figure Party, and Gino Foti partying it up and you get Dance To Reason. Check out a video here: ~ Matthew Forss

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