Sunday, February 23, 2014

CD Review: Danny Rivera and Nelson Gonzalez's 'Obsesion'

Danny Rivera and Nelson Gonzalez
Marmara House Records

Puerto Rican-singer, Danny Rivera, and tres virtuoso, Nelson Gonzalez, bring us a page out of a Latin American songbook that is filled with great singing and great percussion. The eleven-track release contains jazzy, Latin-inspired songs with laid-back compositions and bolero-esque elements. "Obsesion," "Cristal," "Franqueza," and "Capullito De Aleli" are some of the album's highlights. The classic ballad sound is prevalent throughout, but the vocals are full of life, wisdom, and desire. The historic connection is very relevant. The heartfelt vocals are prominent and mature. There are cinematic strings and classical elements, which provides a dramatic and emotive result. Fans of classical jazz, Puerto Rican music, and Latin music will find Danny and Nelson very intriguing. ~ Matthew Forss

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