Sunday, February 23, 2014

2-CD Review: Alejandro Almenares' 'Casa De Trova Cuba 50's'

Alejandro Almenares
Casa De Trova Cuba 50's [2-CD Set]
Tumi Music

Cuban composer and singer, Alejandro Almenares, presents us with an exciting two-CD set with one CD devoted exclusively to instrumental tunes and another with vocal tunes. The music is steeped in Cuban son and bolero in true troubadour fashion. The romantic melodies and intimate instrumentation are staples on both albums, but Alejandro's voice ties everything together. The album title is named after a house of troubadours in Cuba. There are thirteen tracks on the vocal album and fourteen on the instrumental. Each album contains almost the same tracks, but in a different order. At any rate, this is excellent Cuban music from a talented performer. Fans of Cuban music will be pleasantly-surprised. ~ Matthew Forss

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