Sunday, February 9, 2014

CD Review: Ferenc's 'Gypsy Dream'

Gypsy Dream
Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings

Classically-trained and world famous, Ferenc is a violinist with a gypsy soul and a fusion touch. The instrumental recording brings together acoustic guitar, violin, piano, acoustic bass, tambura, tabla, viola, percussion, and violincello for a somewhat jazzy, gypsy, and flamenco-tinged result. Ferenc's violin is rather folksy and energetic, but always emotive. The music ebbs and flows with such a musical intensity that it is difficult to ignore for any length of time. The music is jazz-based with a folklore foundation bridging Ferenc's Hungarian roots with the classical world in a jazz setting. The flowing piano melodies are appropriately-accompanied by skillful percussion sections and a medley of strings, guitars, and acoustic presence. Fans of instrumental gypsy music with a world fusion, jazz, and folk backbone will definitely find happiness in the tracks of Gypsy Dream. ~ Matthew Forss

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