Sunday, February 16, 2014

CD Review: Mighty Mystic's 'Concrete World'

Mighty Mystic
Concrete World
VP Records Music Group

U.S.-based reggae musician, Mighty Mystic, gives us a fresh, Jamaican-inspired groove that contains a bit of rock, hip hop, and urban elements. The reggae-infused beats saunter with such deliciousness that it is impossible to dislike. The jazzy, reggae, and urban-infused "This Train" and "Cali Green" are two of the best tracks on the new fourteen-track album. "Concrete World" adds a reggae-dance dimension to the mix with great guitar stylings and blurby electronics. "Next Generation" continues a little dance ambiance with a pop-rock-infused song. It seems reggae is only one type of music that graces the tracks on Concrete World. Fans of dance, electronica, urban, hip hop, and rock will find something to love about here. ~ Matthew Forss

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