Friday, February 7, 2014

CD Review: Fernando's Kitchen's 'Musica Fina'

Fernando's Kitchen
Musica Fina

London's Fernando's Kitchen brings us a medley of world fusion sounds that traverse the Spanish shores to West Africa, Latin America, and beyond. The music is inspired by world rhythms and the group's worldwide origins with members coming from Argentina, South Africa, Italy, Greece, and Spain. The music is flamenco based with organic guitars, effervescent percussion, sweet melodies, instrumental arrangements, and Afro-Latin-tinged compositions. The music bubbles with a jazzy spirit full of lush horns and swaying melodies and rhythms. The easy-going tunes, infectious grooves, world fusion sounds, sensual vocals, and moving rhythms celebrate the group's iconic repertoire and message. Fans of flamenco and world fusion with a side of jazz will love the eight-tracks on Musica Fina. ~ Matthew Forss

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