Saturday, February 15, 2014

CD Review: Jonathan Sprout's 'American Heroes #4'

Jonathan Sprout
American Heroes #4

Jonathan Sprout's tenth release, American Heroes #4, celebrates historical information in a musical and educational setting for children. The eleven-track release brings to life the historical significance of several, notable icons, including Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Mary McLeod Bethune, William Penn, Rachel Carson, Juliette Gordon Low, Samantha Smith, Roberto Clemente, Theodore Suess Geisel, and Walt Disney. Jonathan incorporates a soft rock, jazzy, lounge, and pop-focused approach that is fun, playful, and educational. However, the music is largely focused on the children, but that shouldn't discourage parents and others from singing along. "I See A Hero" is a lovely ballad with a soft beat and inspirational lyrics. "E=mc2" is an homage to Einstein with power pop and rock elements that are anything but ho-hum. "Come With Me!" is a dance-inspired tune with a colonial-inspired edge. "Through The Eyes Of A Child" is a catchy rock/pop ballad with uplifting vocals and sweeping piano elements. Overall, the music is upbeat and intelligent with catchy hooks and a meaningful message that everyone will enjoy. ~ Matthew Forss


Jonathan Sprout said...

Thanks, Matthew, for this kind review of my latest effort! Means a lot to us here at Sprout Recordings! ... Jonathan Sprout

Unknown said...

Great review of one of our family's favorite artists! We are loving this new addition to our Jonathan Sprout collection!