Friday, February 7, 2014

CD Review: Hannah Gill's Self-Titled EP Finds Similarities To The Voices Of Katie Melua With Beth Orton

Hannah Gill
Hannah Gill

The Maryland-native, Hannah Gill, brings a voice to the mix that takes on vocal similarities to Beth Orton, Katie Melua, Adele, and Zero 7--to name a few. However, Hannah combines jazzy horns, folk arrangements, and progressive pop sensibilities with mature vocals that evoke feelings of happiness and contentment. The rather short EP contains six songs that showcase her talent quite well. The opener, "Whisper," is a fitting introduction to the album, but it is not a quiet song. It still is a pop song with some rock arrangements and a great melody. The next track, "I Feel Awake," follows in the same footstep, but it contains some jazzy trumpet and piano. The jaunty, cafe music-tune, "Story Of A Man," is a breezy little ditty that seems to evoke the French music of Francois Hardy, Carla Bruni, and other similar singers. "Two Way Street" is a song rooted in Adele's intimate vocal calisthenics and a vibrant progressive and experimental instrumental backbone. "Medicine" is a rock-infused tune with punchy power pop melodies. "Distance" is a more solemn ditty steeped in beautiful vocals and sweet melodies. Simply amazing! ~ Matthew Forss

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