Sunday, February 16, 2014

CD Review: Various Artists' 'Sembeh Ma Fa Fe: Roots Volume'

Various Artists
Sembeh Ma Fa Fe: Roots Volume
Stronghold Sound

The San Francisco-based label, Stronghold Sound, continues to pump out some great African tunes on Sembeh Ma Fa Fe: Roots Volume. The new album continues in the tradition of Guinean folk rhythms in a contemporary context. The sixteen-track album contains music by Guinea's great, including Blondi, Saran, Bosta, Aisha, Alassane, MyBaby, Cissoko, Captain Planet, J-Boogie, Dub Snakkr, and Balandougou Kan. The contemporary music is Afro-pop-based with killer percussion moments, rippling guitars, and crooning vocals. Fans of Stronghold Sound already know about this album. Anyone with an interest in Guinean music, West African music, and African music in general, will find it very fascinating and ear-friendly. ~ Matthew Forss

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