Thursday, July 3, 2014

CD Review: Leticia Rodriguez Garza's 'Saguita Al Bate'

Leticia Rodriguez Garza
Saguita Al Bate

Growing up in Texas, one is never too far away from the energetic, pulsating, and danceable sounds of Latin America. Saguita Al Bate is a rollicking, four-track album of cumbia, salsa, Latin, jazz, Caribbean, and Afro-Latin elements with some tunes coming from a previous release, La Americana. The lively percussion, driving horns, punchy bass, and rootsy accordion on a few tracks makes the music come alive with a classic vein running throughout the album. The music of Latin America is timeless when jazzy piano, heavy percussion, and soulful vocals are involved. This is especially true on Saguita Al Bate. The music is seemingly out of the 1950's, but it is equally at home in today's era. Anyone with an interest in classic Latin American music will love Leticia Rodriguez Garza. ~ Matthew Forss

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