Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CD Review: Nadaka & Gopika's 'Surya'

Nadaka & Gopika
Raga Mantra

Nadaka & Gopika's newest release, Surya, contains beautiful, contemplative, and aural-friendly vedic mantras with the light and energy of the sun the primary focus here. The instrumental tunes contain some of Gopika's Indian vocals, but Nadaka's raga guitar, guitar synth, and added vocals add an avant-garde and experimental element to the mix. The duo are joined by tabla, violin, percussion, and sampling on most of the tracks. There is a transcendental quality to the sound that creates a sense of deeper calm and new age spiritualism. The South Asian and Sanskirt-soaked album is meditative enough to be wanted by yoga fanatics and world fusion fans everywhere. There are eight total tracks that range from four to nine minutes in length. There are some electronic subtleties that remind us of the modern era; but nothing is too overdone or overt here. Experience inner and outer light with Surya. ~ Matthew Forss

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