Wednesday, July 2, 2014

CD Review: Zebrina's 'Hamidbar Medaber'

Hamidbar Medaber

A Canadian jazz pianist, Jonathan Feldman, is the brainchild behind Zebrina, which is a jazz-centered group with jam band qualities and Klezmer roots. Instead of pulsating brass and horns, Zebrina utilizes some keyboard effects and percussion to astound listeners. The instrumental tunes are edgy, fluid, and diverse. The flowing clarinet, swishy percussion, and avant-garde folk-rock stylings represent a slight new age nod that is very satisfying. There is a bit of down-tempo, funk, roots, and smooth jazz going around here. Eight catchy grooves round out the album in a fun and entertaining manner. All of the tracks are five to eight minutes long, which allows for plenty of variation that doesn't get boring. The electric guitar adds a modern spark to the some of the songs. Overall, Zebrina awakens the Jewish spirit with great jazz lines and contemporary grooves with a slight Klezmer influence. ~ Matthew Forss

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