Monday, July 28, 2014

CD Review: Tapebenders' 'Chasing Ghosts'

Chasing Ghosts

The Milwaukee-based psychedelic rock group, Tapebenders (formerly Elusive Parallelograms), releases an anthology of music previously released on earlier LPs and EPs. The rock music contains a bit of electronica that includes showers of metallic sparks and dreamy sequences that are varied and very deliberate. The concise playing style brings to life the progressive pop side of the music without venturing too far away from psychedelic or rock genres. The gritty "60 MPH" is an instrumental rock gem with vocals resembling Blink 182 and rock riffs not too far away from a punk vein. "Nuclear Man" is another fine electronic tune with big guitars, drums, and keyboards with vocals that are playful and adventurous. The sounds reverberate with spacey electronics and spacious licks. "Absolution" is a rock anthem with fuzzy guitars and psychedelic noises that include a bit of progressive and experimental music that is jingly, memorable, and cinematic. The entire thirteen-track release provides a great picture of what Tapebenders can do. Think of Fractal Cat meets Blink 182 with The Devlins close behind. 5 Stars (out of 5) ~ Matthew Forss

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