Monday, November 3, 2014

CD Review: Eleonor's 'Erros'

Music & Words

Belgium's Eleonor mixes folk, roots, jazz, neo-classical, fado, and pop and weaves it into beautiful delicacies lead by her emotive vocals. The ten-track album features a variety of instruments, including the double-bass, bass, guitar, piano, drums, oud, accordion, and cello. The soulful, "Salve," is a ballad with strong ties to French jazz and neo-classical influences. The piano adds a nostalgic ambiance to most of the songs. However, Eleonor's voice moves the songs into greater dimensions with such ease and fluidity. As a whole, there are plenty  of calming grooves here. Anyone into great music with great vocals will like it. Everything comes together in just the right proportions for it to be a highly-recommended work of musical art. ~ Matthew Forss

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