Monday, November 3, 2014

CD Review: Maya Kamaty's 'Santie Papang'

Maya Kamaty
Santie Papang
Sakifo Records/Atmospheriques

Reunion is an island primarily known for the music of international sensation Danyel Waro, but another Reunion-native, Maya Kamaty, who is a very beautiful and talented songstress that sings in French and Reunion Creole, makes the island known on the female side of music. The new album, Santie Papang, is a hearty mix of world music songs that incorporate a bit of French pop blends, Madagascar pop rhythms, and Brazilian melodies. The diverse cultural attributes are only fitting for a diverse island nation located off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. The breezy sounds are ripe with light rhythms that are catchy and airy. "Comme Un Refrain" is one of the best songs on the album--noted for its splendid arrangements of ukulele inclusions, sensual vocals, and sparkling percussion that connotes a light French style with a hint of Brazilian charm. "Move Rev" is a bluesy, French tune with emotive vocals in a storytelling delivery. "Veli" is a sweet, neo-classical song with plaintive guitar and evocative vocalizations. "Dernie Viraz" is a punchy, guitar tune that is a bit of French rock in a lighter setting, but the vocals are akin to Patricia Kaas. Overall, Maya Kamaty is one of the best new artists to grace this blog. Fans of great, female world music with French, Brazil, African, and pop qualities will love it. In fact, everyone will love this one. ~ Matthew Forss 

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