Monday, November 3, 2014

CD Review: Ireesh Lal's 'Ethnotronica'

Ireesh Lal

Ireesh Lal is an innovative electro-fusion musician with a knack for South Asian influences, jazz infused concoctions, and electronic music that is deliciously wrapped around a world music core. The six-song EP contains lush electronic blurbs, atmospheric washes, bubbly dance elements, and punchy trumpet sounds. The diverse instrumentation and song palettes are immensely addictive and enjoyable. The programmed grooves, trip-hop percussion, and contemporary beats elicit favorable responses from all who listen or move to the music. The pulsating sounds ebb-and-flow with such ease and adventure that nothing is the same here. There are hints of 1960's and 70's spy film scores, too. At any rate, Ireesh produces a beautiful recording with cover art inspired by the sounds of the album. This is a great project that is a must-have this year. ~ Matthew Forss

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