Monday, November 3, 2014

CD Review: Spokfrevo Orquestra's 'Ninho de Vespa'

Spokfrevo Orquestra
Ninho de Vespa

The seventeen-piece, Brazilian band, Spokfrevo Orquestra, pens its name from an old carnival style of Brazilian music that includes a feverishly-played jazz foundation that is akin to New Orleans jazz and Balkan jazz. There is a tambourine, drums, and loads of brass horns on this instrumental release. Thirteen songs comprise the album and they definitely fit into a jazzy vein with South American vigor. The fluid keyboards and swishy percussion are danceable and fueled by an unmistakable and unrelenting passion for creative tunes. The music is punchy, jazzy, swing-like, and classic with loads of rhythms and melodies to satisfy everyone that is within earshot. Fans of Brazilian jazz will love it. ~ Matthew Forss

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