Friday, November 14, 2014

CD Review: Syre & Fresko's 'Gonna See Miracles'

Syre & Fresko
Gonna See Miracles

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The husband and wife duo, Syre & Fresko, hail from Melbourne, Australia and present us with an excellent five-track EP, Gonna See Miracles. The contemporary release encompasses a slight rock feel with anthemic sounds of pop and alternative leanings throughout. "Broken Fragments" is a rock anthem of intelligent lyrics, great guitar hooks, and full-on vocals with bass, guitar, percussion, and electronic effects. "Gonna See Miracles" opens with spacious sounds of guitar, swishy percussion, and a classic, almost Western vocal arrangement. However, the chorus is purely rock and pop-driven with both male and female vocals. "Plastic Dreams" possesses an electronic sound with a full sound that is rock-laden with vocals that are all-encompassing and memorable. "Ruth" begins as a more laid-back guitar and vocal tune void of any percussion. The folksy melody is a bit country-esque with the whining dobro-like instrument. Syre & Fresko both lend locals on this tune. "Tightrope" begins with swishy sounds and female vocals with electronic bell tones. The airy vocals and lack of much percussion throughout the first half of the song gives way to a more robust rock sound with a stellar chorus and climax. 5 Stars (out of 5). ~ Matthew Forss

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