Friday, July 23, 2010

CD Review: Ashton Nyte's "The Valley"

The Valley
Intervention Arts

South African-born singer and guitarist, Ashton Nyte, transcends musical heights from beyond this Earth. Based in the USA, Ashton's voice is probably too low (baritone) for most, but it sounds similar to Jace Everett or the Crash Test Dummies. Whether The Valley is indicative of Ashton's low voice or a career plateau, the songs are clearly something worth taking in. Ashton's languid vocals and alternative guitar tunings make The Valley an introspective journey borrowing elements from David Bowie, Tom Waits, The Wallflowers, The Devlins, Soul Asylum, and other groups. The folk-rock crowd looking for great songs should look no further. Ashton's spiritual insights also find a home from time to time throughout the album. Follow Ashton into The Valley and prepare to spend some time playing these tracks over and over...and over. English lyrics are included in the liner notes. English vocals throughout. ~ Matthew Forss

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