Friday, July 16, 2010

CD Review: Janaka Selekta

Pushing Air

Sri Lankan-native, Janaka Selekta, has become an important fixture in the world of Asian electronica in the San Francisco area and beyond. Janaka's world travels have shaped his electro-musicality by serving delicious breakbeats with nice additions of Bansuri flute, tabla, and sarangi. Furthermore, haunting male and female vocals add another layer of rich, sound textures. The Asian trip-hop musical concept has been explored by other artists with little in the way of an organic, engaging sound worth remembering. Janaka fills that void for world dub and electronica fans. Whether you call this Asian dub, electronic, world beat, downtempo, or trance, Janaka's music soars effortlessly into the outer reaches of our universe and back again, while pushing the limits on Pushing Air. Definitions aside, Pushing Air is perfect for the club, dorm, office, or party, but it will basically leave you breathless yearning for more 'air'. Don't worry, it's all in good fun. A remix by Karsh Kale is included. ~ Matthew Forss

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