Saturday, July 10, 2010

CD Review: Uganda's Samite

My Music World
Samite Music

My Music World is the latest release that follows up Samite's 2006 Embalasasa. Samite explores the traditional music of Uganda and shapes it into a modern musical experience without losing the roots. Soothing percussion and instrumentation of kalimba, madinda, whistle, guitar, bass, and keyboards accompany Samite's vocals. The songs are mostly instrumental, but Samite's voice makes an appearance on a few tracks. The sound is partly meditational and partly groovy, especially for the longer tracks, such as 'Ninze', 'Njabala Owekyejo', 'Imagine It To Make It Happen', and 'Sirina Kyentya'. Fans of Samite's other albums will find My Music World to be a welcome contribution to any African music collection. In short, My Music World enraptures all who listen to it's pleasantries. ~ Matthew Forss

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