Friday, July 16, 2010

CD Review: Slovenia's Magnifico


The somewhat comedic musical and lyrical sensibilities of Slovenia's Magnifico (a.k.a. Robert Peut) brings a lighter side to the Balkan brass world. Keep in mind the music is still lyrically edgy with the characteristic Balkan brass elements, but the rhythms seem complex enough to create a pan-fusion masterpiece with Latino and European influences. Magnifico tackles tough societal situations and crafts them into gritty, punchy beats with a Country-Western, Roma-funk twist. The sensual overtones exist on a lyrical and melodic scale, where Magnifico puts the 'horny' in Balkan horns. A favorite of European youth, Magnification may require a closer inspection from traditionalists. Thankfully, the power of Magnification is found in it's unique delivery and it's word will reach everyone with even a passing interest in groovy, Balkan-pop from a stylish, innovator of unforgettable music. Don't 'balk' at this Balkan release! ~ Matthew Forss

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