Monday, July 26, 2010

CD Review: Daniel Cros From Barcelona

Las vueltas que da la vida

From the shores of Spain to Cuba, Daniel Cros' Catalan-language songs cover a variety of styles, including ballad, bolero, cha cha cha, ranchera, son, salsa, tango, and more. Hailing from Spain, Daniel infuses a Latin American-jazz sensibility with signature percussion, piano, horns, strings, and vocals. Daniel is quite the master of musical ingenuity being a singer, guitarist, and pianist. The piano surfaces more or less on many of the tracks, which provides a classic sound to the quiter rhythms and slower melodies. One thing that is certain is the passion and neverending desire for performing and creating lively musical masterpieces that stir the soul and twist the hips. Though primarily a recording for Latin music fans, Las vueltas que da la vida also evokes a Spain-ish musical component. However, the album is not very long in running-time (approx. 42 minutes), but it won't hurt to play the album over and over. A danceable collection of songs! ~ Matthew Forss

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