Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CD Review: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars' 'Libation'

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

Sierra Leone's ambassadors for everything good and happy bring us another exciting and catchy Afro-pop release. Libation is a celebration of life with twelve tracks of deliciousness. The reggae-tinged, "Can't Make Me Lonely," "It's So Sorry," and the incredibly catchy "Treat You Right." Other tracks take on a more Congolese rhythm pattern, such as "Gbaenyama," "Ghana Baby," "Maria," "Money No Do," and "Min Do Sin Tay." "Manjalagi" possesses a cumbia-type beat with African lyrics and a steady, danceable rhythm that is unforgettable. The upbeat, contemporary, and Afro-beat melodies are outstanding without any deficiencies. The sweet riffs and glorious, rippling guitar chords signify a pan-African presence that draws upon Spanish, Portuguese, and Caribbean influences. Overall, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars mark a new year with their best album to date. This music is best served with some chilled palm wine! ~ Matthew Forss

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