Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CD Review: Bite Down On Chopteeth

Grigri Discs

The Afro-funk stylings of the 14-member super group, Chopteeth, performs a mix of Yoruba rhythms, Central African big jazz, and Fela Kuti-inspired musical ingenuity. In one word, this album can be described as "danceable". The incredible experience and knowledge behind the performers brings a good level of musical creativity to the project. The group's name comes from a Yoruba word meaning "crazy fool". The only thing crazy about this album is its infectious jazz grooves and high-degree of funkability. Though mostly instrumental, some vocals find their way into the mix. Chopteeth is comprised of musicians from across America, and one hailing from Kenya and Romania. They've proven you do not have to be of African descent to play Afro-funk. I'm sure fans will agree, Chopteeth is a gritty, dance-infused, Afro-funk ensemble that is sure to get everyone's feet moving for hours...and hours...and hours! ~ Matthew Forss

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