Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Post, New Place

Hello fellow lovers of World Music. This is the new place for reviews, news, and views about World Music. Like in the past, we will feature artist profiles, CD reviews, concert reviews, and news from the World of music.

Why a new site? Well, we were at our former address for a number of years, and things were starting to build up to the point where a lot of our legacy material was getting dated, links had moved, and the design just wasn't suiting the content any longer. One of our choices was to do a complete redesign, which would have taken time sand resources we simply do not have. Inside World Music is run completely by volunteers, and we wanted to keep things as fun and simple as possible.

So, thanks to the wonderful world of blogs and social networking, the best way to keep up with the times and continue to publish is through a blog like the one you are reading now! Stay tuned - we have only just begun.

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