Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CD Review: Hungarian Folk Singer

Beata Palya
Adieu Les Complexes
Sony BMG

Hungary's Beata Palya brings us gorgeous vocal songs from the land of the Gypsies. Of course, the familiar cymbalom, sax, violin, flute, and piano are present, but there is a unique blend of folk and jazz music on this recording. Her vocals soar into new territory - spanning the Balkans, Mediterranean, Silk Road, and Scandinavia. She sings in Hungarian and English. However, song lyrics are provided in English, French, and Hungarian in the liner notes. Each song reveals something new and exciting. In other words, there isn't one dull moment on Adieu Les Complexes. The seemingly plaintive intros evoke an entrancing mixture of despair, optimism, and reflection. However, do not 'fret', because Beata Palya will fill your heart with joy. If you like soft jazz, Transylvania music, and Scandinavian-like instrumental and vocal arrangements, then Beata is for you! ~ Matthew Forss

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