Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CD Review: Get Tipsy with 'Tipsy'

Ipecac Recordings

Fans of world music tend to be drawn toward the seemingly exotic or the unusual. In this case, Tipsy (USA) brings us something not only exotic or unusual, but 'otherworldly'. Welcome to the world of atmospheric downtempo music. The closest genre style represented here would be jazz. However, the spacey and electronic nature of the compositions provides the listener with a perfect backdrop for transcendence to another world. Buzzz contains echoing vibraphones, sporadic trumpets and sax, drums, flutes, and keyboard wizardry. A mostly instrumental effort, a Japanese singer, Coppe', lends vocals on a track. This album could very well be the soundtrack for an intergalactic experience, though it is equally well-suited for Earthlings. Fans of downtempo bands like Air, Zero 7, Everything But The Girl, or Action Figure Party should check out the psychedelic-electronica of Tipsy. ~ Matthew Forss

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