Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CD Review: Sweden Meets Latin America on 'Nubes del Alma'

Cerro Esperanza Band
Nubes del Alma
Footprint Records

If any album can bridge the musical cultures of Sweden and Latin America, then Nubes del Alma is in serious contention. Jorge Alcaide lends his Spanish and Swedish vocals. The Cerro Esperanza Band combines Spanish and Swedish lyrics with Cuban/South American rhythms and Balkan/Klezmer brass to make an unlikely concoction shine brighter than light glinting off a brass horn. At times, the melodies would be ideal for slow dancing, lounging at a smoke-filled bar in Rio de Janeiro, or for listening in the comfort of your home - wherever that may be. At any rate, they are versatile. Their music incorporates the accordion, guitar, bouzouki, clarinet, trombone, cimbalom, thumb piano, bass, and assorted percussion. Lyrics are provided in the liner notes in Spanish, English, and Swedish. As a bonus, the insert unfolds into a striking poster of instrument silhouettes. ~ Matthew Forss

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