Thursday, December 18, 2008

CD Review: Orquesta Cuba [2 CD]

Orquesta Cuba
Orquesta Cuba [2 CD]

The Rotterdam Conservatory Orquesta Tipica and Charanga Orchestra are featured on disc one and two, respectively. This is classical, Cuban music without the incorporation of typical Latin instrumentation and rhythms so commonplace in today's popular music. Disc one focuses on the contradanzas (country dance) rhythms, while disc two focuses on charanga music. Charanga music is closely related to country dances, but related to offshoots of mambo and chachacha. Of course, Nimbus prides itself in providing and sharing great pieces of musical history with the rest of the world by succinct and informative liner booklets. This recording is no different. Nearly 2 hours of music is featured on both CD's combined. This is an ideal collection for fans of classic orchestral music from Cuba or New York. Vocals are nonexistent on these two albums. So, chachacha on down to your local music store and pick up this incredible package of music history. ~ Matthew Forss

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