Thursday, December 18, 2008

CD Review: Flamenco Pena

Paco Pena
The Art of Paco Pena

The flamenco guitar serves as the driving force for creative and enlightening pieces of music. The classical leanings between the flamenco style of Spain, South America, and the classical underpinnings from Europe, allows for an engaging 65 minutes of music. Paco's style is indicative of flamenco greats of the past, including Nino Ricardo (1904-1972) and Ramon Montoya (1880-1949). A few vocal tracks convey a deeper sense of religious fervor amid the frenzied, but precise guitar-playing. Paco is accompanied by a few flamenco guitarists, a conductor, singers, and percussionists. Though, the sound of the recording never sounds busy or overly-produced. This is a perfect one for the flamenco or even Gypsy music fan. ~ Matthew Forss

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