Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CD Review: Poland Dance Tunes

Trebunia Family Band
Music of the Tatra Mountains

An album named for the tallest mountains in Poland (Tatra Mountains), is a fitting backdrop to the majestic music of the Trebunia Family. They perform a special hybrid music indigenous to the Carpathian Range in Poland and bordering countries. The music is called Gorale, which is a folk dance music of two-to-four fiddles, three-string bass, and flute. Vocal accompaniment from men, women, and children, and may be performed a cappella, solo, or polyphonic. Notably, the short varied tunes and melodies resemble the often wide-ranging vocal interjections that frequently occur out of tune with the rest of the specific tune. The overall feel of Gorale music is one of waltz, polka, or Nordic fiddling traditions. This is a rare album of traditional folk music from Poland that should be cherished for years to come. An extensive 16-page booklet details the origins of the music, notes on the dances, and bios of the family. If you are interested in Celtic, fiddle, Nordic, Gypsy, folk, or bluegrass music, this should be a part of your 'repertoire'. ~ Matthew Forss

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