Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CD Review: Desert Blues - Terakaft

Akh Issudar
World Village

The album title is adapted from the popular Tuareg saying, "Aman iman, akh issudar", which means, "Water is life, milk is survival". Akh Issudar is the follow-up album to Terakaft's 2007 debut (and hard-to-find) album, Bismilla: The BKO Sessions. Terakaft plays Saharan blues guitar music like their fellow countrymen, Tartit, Tinariwen, and others. In fact, Tinariwen's co-founder, Inteyeden Ag Ablil lends support on a few tracks. This album is perhaps more structured and focused than their debut release. Though, their iconic guitar riffs, percussion claps, and vocal melodies bring life to the Saharan desert. After hearing a few tracks, it is easy to find out how the melodies somewhat mimic lilting winds blowing across a sand dune, or by the plods of a camel caravan through a village. Lyrics are provided in the local Tamasheq dialect. If you want to listen to music as beautiful as the brilliantly colored metal and beadwork of Tuareg culture, then buy Akh Issudar (and Bismilla: The BKO Sessions) today! ~ Matthew Forss

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