Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CD Review: Choral Sounds of Norway and Nicaragua

Skruk & Katia Cardenal
Messe for Kari og Ola/Misa Campesina
Kirkelig Kulturverksted

Skruk, a Norwegian vocal ensemble, is joined by soloist Katia Cardenal and a Nicaraguan band of musicians to create some beautiful choral melodies and instrumental pieces. This is not your typical Orthodox church choir. The music combines the music of European liturgical traditions with the melodies and rhythms of South America. Though, the music if for everybody, as the first part of the album title can be translated from Norwegian to, "Mass for the Man in the Street", while the second part, a Nicaraguan mass in Spanish means, "Mass for Farmers". Vocals are sung in Norwegian and liner notes are included. Instrumentation is provided by guitar, marimba, bass, assorted percussion and drums. Some of the musical rhythms are reminiscent of Latin pop music from the 1960's or 70's. Overall, the music is perfect for Christmas celebrations, choral fans, and anyone interested in learning about this rarely heard musical collaboration. Rejoice with Skruk this holiday season! ~ Matthew Forss

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