Thursday, October 25, 2012

CD Review: Anya Parker-Lentz' 'The Giving'

Anya Parker-Lentz
The Giving
Pink Stripe

Based in New Jersey, the young Anya Parker-Lentz creates whirling vocal pop melodies and catchy song arrangements on her debut EP, The Giving. "Staredown" is a good pop song with glittering percussion, glistening guitars, and an angelic voice. "Not Trying" opens with a pensive piano melody and light rock percussion with guitars and a Stevie Nicks-esque vocal concoction. The piano takes on a more prevalent role on "Stuck In Limbo." However, the guitars and percussion remind us of a good pop song arrangement with something deeper than your typical superficial pop lyrics of today. "The Giving" begins with another piano melody, but the melody morphs into a rock vein with clear vocals. "Wake Up Alice" is a pensive melody with a slow, stirring arrangement with a slightly European folk-pop influence and Cranberries-esque arrangements and vocals. The seven-track release is a top-notch release of pop songs with attitude and unforgettable attributes. ~ Matthew Forss    

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