Friday, October 12, 2012

CD Review: Egyptian Project's 'Ya Amar'

Egyptian Project
Ya Amar
SixDegrees Records

Produced by France’s Jerome Ettinger (who plays arghul and computer), Egyptian Project explores a balanced blend of electronic, acoustic, and contemporary Egyptian music. Jerome assembled several musicians, including Sayed Emam on vocals and kawala, Ragab Sadek on darbouka, duff, rek, sagats, and doholla, Salama Metwally on rababa and violin, Ihab Radwan on oud, Julien Bonvoisin on bass, Carlos Robles Arenas on drums, Camille Momper on cello, and Nicolas Berrivin on piano. The wide array of instrumentation creates chilling beats, rhythms, and melodies that are steeped in Egyptian musical traditions without resorting to forced electronic compositions of dance music. The music is somewhat danceable, but the primary elements are more folk, pop, and new age. Ya Amar is an ambitious effort that succeeds on all ac(chords)! ~ Matthew Forss

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