Thursday, October 25, 2012

CD Review: Mark Etheredge's 'Change Coming'

Mark Etheredge
Change Coming
Vipaka Records

California-based singer and musician, Mark Etheredge, brings us a contemporary pop/rock production of twelve funk, jazzy, and soulful compositions that feature great percussion, jazzy keyboards and light vocals that are somewhere between Jack Johnson and Ben Folds. "The Other Man" features soulful vocals, funky keyboards, and persistent percussion that is jazzy and smooth all the way through. The bluesy and jazzy guitar work is glittering with cheerful sound. "Room To Room" is a soulful piano ballad that is heartfelt and genuine without much in the way of additional instrumentation or accompanying vocals. "Hot Tub" is a quirky jazz-focused tune with funky rhythms and female backup vocals with Mark's voice leading the charge. The upbeat tune does not stray too far from his roots. "Change Coming" opens with a breezy, piano melody ripe with easy listening percussion and reverberating organ sounds. The sax brings the tune alive near the end of the song. Overall, Mark's full-length release is something that is refreshing and different than the average Top 40 material today. ~ Matthew Forss  

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Mark Etheredge said...

Thank you Matthew, for featuring me and my music!