Friday, October 12, 2012

CD Review: Very Be Careful's 'Remember Me From The Party?'

Very Be Careful
Remember Me From The Party?
Downtown Pijao

LA-based Afro-Colombian vallenato maestros, Very Be Careful, bring us another fine recording of upbeat, dance music on accordion, percussion, and other heart-pulsing instrumentation. The danceable music is characteristic of South American, Latin American, and North American tejano. The accordion-driven music is uptempo and refreshing, especially on "El Mosquito." Nevertheless, there are twelve rippling tunes of sonic beauty. The party atmosphere is full of vallenato music. Nothing is amiss here. The instrumentation and Spanish vocals are top notch throughout. Very Be Careful is essentially a party-version of Colombian polka music. Remember Very Be Careful is a group that knows how to perform. All in all, it's that good. ~ Matthew Forss

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