Monday, October 1, 2012

CD Review: A Is For Atom's Self-Titled Release

A Is For Atom
A Is For Atom

New York-based, A Is For Atom, was formed earlier this year by a talented musician, Mike Cykoski. The new album, which is a five-track release, borders on alternative, pop structures with plenty of electronic embellishments, bass, guitar, drums, and synth. The languid vocals on "Creation," suggest an almost Soul Coughing-esque song. The throbbing synth sounds transport listeners back to the early 90s. "See You Again" is a more upbeat folk-rock tune with radio-like vocalizations and pop guitar stylings and an uppity, Western feel with guitars, bass, and drums. The vocals and guitar playing resembles Australia's Xavier Rudd. "Light Years" features a little downtempo trumpet and pop melodies that shine with infectious hooks and instrumental displays. "Bird In A Cage" contains a bit of static vocals and Royskopp-like electronic noises. The vocals are quite pop-driven, but relatively reserved. The guitars are cinematic and the melody is very relaxed with limited percussion. "Whiskey" opens with spritely guitar and fingersnaps with a classy vocal setup that resembles something from REM's Up. Overall, A Is For Atom is also 'a' for amazing! ~ Matthew Forss

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