Thursday, February 24, 2011

CD Review: Delhi 2 Dublin 'Planet Electric'

Planet Electric

The third release from the Canadian Delhi 2 Dublin, Planet Electric, continues to explore and expand the sounds of Western Europe with the sounds of South Asia for a globetrotting journey unlike any other. The Indian and Irish beats of "The Answer" is anthem of pure splendor. The modern reggae-type electronic club beats and fast vocals of "Raise It Up" make it a dance club hit. The scattered house beats of "Tommy" and "Cabin Fever" are sure to awaken the dance energy in every living soul. The most enjoyable track is appropriately titled "The Happy Track". A splendid Celtic/Indian-inspired tune with bright vocals matching the beat with ease make it shine like the sun rising in Calcutta or in Limerick. The quieter "Bodega Ridge Part 1 & 2" is an instrumental and dub-centered set of tracks that are more pensive than foreboding. All in all, it is amazing to hear the Celtic and Indian sounds on one album from a group nowhere near both regions. ~ Matthew Forss

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