Friday, February 25, 2011

CD Review: Shubhraji's 'Chants For Healing'

Chants For Healing

Shubhraji's meditative, Sanskrit vocals lead the twenty-seven songs on Chants For Healing. As a devoted disciple of Swami Chinmayananda, Shubhraji is classically trained in Vedanta philosophy for the past twenty-plus years. All of the tracks feature Shubhraji on vocals and Rafiq Khan, from the Kalavant Center for Music and Dance, on sarangi. The instrumental drones and Shubhraji's trance-induced vocal delivery make it very easy to understand the lyrics and follow along in the liner notes, as all songs contain either Sanskrit and/or English translations. Interestingly, the songs play as one long, continuous song, even though there are twenty-seven songs listed on the back insert. The fairly, crystal-clear, yet slightly aged voice of Shubhraji is an inviting sound that transcends borders and cultural lineages. Put on some incense and bring out the yoga mat for a journey from within. ~ Matthew Forss

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