Thursday, February 24, 2011

CD Review: Stevin McNamara's 'Prana Groove'

Prana Groove

Prana Groove is aptly named for a rhythmic and life sustaining journey of primal energy moving within and throughout the body. Guitarist, dilruba player, and percussionist, Stevin McNamara, present us with an hour-long journey of instrumental and monumental musical pleasure. The musical background of the tracks are highlighted in the liner notes. For instance, the melodic elements are based on Rag Malkauns and the tempo is 108 beats per minute. The nylon guitar, tanpura, various percussion, dilruba, and drum loops encompass the primary essence of the music. The wholly instrumental qualities allow for the rhythms and melodies to envelop the listener with sheer delight. Interestingly, there are only three tracks on the album. Though, the music is somewhat varied enough to keep ears interested without developing fatigue and boredom. Anyone with an interest in serious upbeat music for yoga, relaxing, or thinking, should choose Prana Groove as the way to go. ~ Matthew Forss

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew, wanted to thank you for this. Very much appreciated - Glad you like the music !

Stevin McNamara