Sunday, February 20, 2011

CD Review: Nunavut, Canada's Karen Mackenzie

Wind Don't Blow

The folk and bluesy vocals and melodies of singer and guitarist Karen Mackenzie take Canada, or the world for that matter, by storm. The bluegrass, country, and pop-oriented repertoire is as hearty and sincere as a Northern winter. Karen is joined by accordion, whistle, mandola, bass, and drums. Vocally, Karen is a more mature version of the UK's Katie Melua. A folk musician with varied genre-bending abilities, Karen does not implore the use of fancy dubs and electronic smoke and mirrors. Instead, Wind Don't Blow is an album that features eight folky tunes that continue to play around in the heads of all who listen. "Givin' In" is easily a radio-friendly tune that accentuates Karen's writing and playing abilities. "Tangled The Thread" and "Makeup/Breakup Blues" follow closely with an equal amount of sincerity, sweetness, and pleasantness. "Dance Me Away" is a sweeping tune with an unforgettable melody. For a healthy does of Northern spirit, buy Wind Don't Blow today. ~ Matthew Forss

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